Australia is the world second largest country and this is the only country which is known for giving the most highly paid wages in the world. This country has the most difficult and the toughest visa processes, even Americans have hard times in getting visa even though they have the world’s most powerful passport in the world. It is a country which is filled with technology and also it is filled with nature as well. But we all know that nature can play in mysterious ways and that is why there are many unusual places in Australia. And if you are planning to go to Australia, don’t miss out these places. People think that unusual places are not secure but these places are safest you will ever visit. 

The first place is Wycliffe well and it is one of the most visited places in Australia. This place is known as the UFO capital of Australia and it is located near the Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. This place is said to be visited by the Aliens, you will meet many people there who will swear that they have seen while some say that it is a waste of time coming here. As you enter the area, you will see a welcome sign board which will say, Welcome to Wycliffe Well, U.F.O Capital of Australia. If you are seeking for adventure, then you must visit the Wave Rock, this area is filled with unique rock formation. This area is spread across 184 miles which makes at least 296 kilo meters and it is located in east southeast of Perth in western Australia. These rocks are also called the Hyden rocks because there is a small town near this area, called Hyden. You can visit different office that offer Australia immigration from Bangalore and you will also get some one of the immigration agents in bangalore.

Then similar to this place, you can visit Uluru. This place might not attract many people but still it is visited by many people, you must be wondering why. Because imagine have a full rocky mountain in the middle of the desert. Won’t it feel weird and unusual, well this is why Uluru happens to fall in the unusual places. It looks like that someone has put a piece of rock in the center of the desert. Where it came from, no one knows and why it is there anywhere, no one knows that either. 

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