Wood Countertops For Kitchen – Everything You Need To Know

Wood Countertops For Kitchen – Everything You Need To Know


Keeping your wood countertops clean is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. You should also regularly seal your countertops to prevent staining and water damage. Regular cleaning should include wiping off any food particles that may have accumulated. In addition, you should avoid placing hot pots on your wood countertops. If you are considering buying these countertops from reliable kitchen companies in Dubai, here are important things you need to know about them.


While wood countertops are an excellent choice for many kitchens, there are some disadvantages. The material is softer than marble or granite, showing dents and scratches more easily than these materials. However, they have some benefits, including low maintenance and ease of installation. Wood is also durable and can be refinished multiple times. In addition, wood has natural antimicrobial properties, which will slow the growth of bacteria.


A wood countertop can cost from DH 20 to DH 100 per square foot. Its price is comparable to oak counters, which are made of a more traditional hardwood. Maple is less expensive but softer and more prone to scratches. White oak is more expensive than darker woods but makes for a contemporary look with edge grain.


One of the best things about wood countertops for your kitchen is their durability. Unlike laminate and plastic counters, they don’t easily splinter, chip, or peel. They can also withstand water damage and food stains. But beware of high humidity or rapid temperature changes. These conditions can lead to rot, discoloration, or cracking. To avoid these problems, keep the temperature of your kitchen as warm as possible, and consider installing a dehumidifier. Also, make sure to seal your counter if you are planning to cook on it. This is particularly important for the area around the sink. Even a wet towel left on the wood for an hour or two can cause it to deteriorate.


Wood countertops require careful installation. This is because wood moves under changes in temperature and humidity, and it must be installed in such a way that it will accommodate this movement. Otherwise, they may crack or warp. Fortunately, a handy homeowner or construction specialist can do this task relatively easy.