5 Signature Dishes Of Authentic Chinese Food

5 Signature Dishes Of Authentic Chinese Food


Authentic Chinese cuisine is not a one-size-fits-all affair. The cuisine of the Chinese is vast and varied, thanks to their tropical climate and geographic features. These culinary riches are also a reflection of their diverse cultures. Here are some signature dishes of authentic Chinese food in Abu Dhabi that are worth a trip to a local Chinese restaurant.

Peking duck:

Peking duck is a dish that is both delicious and deliciously complex. It is a traditional Chinese delicacy that can be served with pancakes or vegetables. It is traditionally served with a sweet bean sauce. Julienned scallions and cucumber often accompany it. Peking duck can be prepared at home using a variety of recipes.

Char siu:

Char siu is cantonese roast meat called cha siu or cha shao. It is sweet-sour roasted pork that has developed its distinct flavor. It is often served with rice or noodles. Char siu is served as the meal’s centrepiece in a traditional Chinese family dining establishment. A good char siu recipe features a salty-sweet contrast and hints of spice. It can stand alone or be paired with rice and blanched choy sum.

Tomato and egg soup:

The main ingredient in this dish is the tomato, which plays an important role in making it taste delicious. A naturally ripened tomato has a deep, rich flavor. The skin of a good tomato should be firm to the touch but soft to squeeze. Tomatoes can be sliced or diced. Peeling the skin of the tomatoes is optional but will enhance the soup’s texture.

Ma po tofu:

Ma po tofu is a spicy and rich dish. Its spicy flavors make it a favorite among people from all over the world. It has become one of the signature dishes of authentic Chinese food and is now available in many restaurants in Western countries and Asia.

Chow mein:

Chow mein is one of the signature dishes served at Chinese restaurants. It is a Chinese dish commonly made with rice or noodles and served over meat or vegetables. The dish is easy to make and versatile enough to adapt to different tastes. It is a healthy dish with a good balance between vegetables and grains. Chow mein is considered to be more authentic than chop suey. This dish is a staple of authentic Chinese cuisine.